Impacts of the Irrigation Service Fee policy on on-farm irrigation management, agriculture productivity and household economy

Irrigation Service Fee (ISF) has been adopted worldwide as an effective tool to improve water use efficiency in irrigated agriculture for a major water user especially in the context of climate and water scarcity. ISF has been applied across Vietnam for decades, but the policy on ISF has changed to subsidize for farmers since 2008. Impacts of this policy at on-farm irrigation management and household economy have been not documented clearly. Using the impact evaluation method, which is differen
A paper published in the proceedings of the International Conference on the Mekong, Salween and Red Rivers: Sharing Knowledge and Perspectives Across Borders | Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University, organized on 12th November 2016.

Author: Le Van Chinh, Thuy Loi University

Please see full paper in the attached file.
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